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      G-Stop Stainless Steel brake line kits

     New Bi-directional Scan gauges     Custom PCM tuning 


 All fullsize 99-2009 truck tunes on sale!             1999-2000  reg $429 now $349 

Includes all 4.8, 5.3, 6.0, 6.2 or 8.1 gas engines.           2001-2002  reg $495  now $399   

           Prices Include shipping!                                   2003-2007 (Classic) reg $529  now $429 

                                                                  2007-2009 (new style)   reg  $595  now $479

Wester's custom tuning available here! I am a Wester's flashing dealer, I can flash your Wester's tune directly into your vehicle, or I can ship a flashed PCM core to you.  Located in Middleton MA, I ship everything to anywhere in the US by PP Priority mail at no cost to you and can get your tune to you in 2-3 days anywhere in the US, but I will ship anywhere!

  New Aeroforce Bi-directional Scan Gauges  

In stock for Immediate shipment!

Available for 96-99 OBS trucks 99-2007 Classic trucks 

and 2007 and newer CanBus trucks.

All now have bi-directional controls that will perform crank relearns, reset fuel trims and more, and turn elect fans on/off !

All single gauges, $229 each!     Shipping included!


GOODRIDGE G-Stop Stainless Steel brake line kits.

Available here for all trucks and cars

                                     Get increased pedal firmness/helps get rid of "mushy" feeling brake pedal common on GM trucks.

Under Jobber cost for DTC members!


Buy any two items at the same time and I'll take an additional 10% off the whole order!

(note, if a item is on sale, you will get the lower price of either 10% off or the sale price)


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